One of our favorite comments: Kent made Boulder come “more alive” if that is even possible.

Downtown customer said October 2016

My husband and I recently took both tours offered by Kent and Boulder Walking Tours, we cannot recommend them highly enough. The topics covered were wide and varied offering an insight into the development of Boulder and the surrounding area. We were particularly enchanted with Chautauqua Park its fascinating history and autumnal splendor not to be missed. Many thanks Kent and hope to visit again someday!

Downtown customer said June 2016

I cannot recommend this activity enough! I have lived in the Denver metro area for 32 years and today I felt like a tourist. We started at the historic Hotel Boulderado and then wove our way throughout downtown Boulder. The tour was scheduled to last for an hour and forty-five minutes, but we actually spent about two-and-a-half hours walking around town. Our tour guide, Kent, was friendly, knowledgeable, and engaging. I loved learning about the history of the city as well as getting a new perspective on the architecture of many of the old buildings. The pace of the tour was perfect and not too strenuous for my mom. Be sure to bring a bottle of water and a camera!

Downtown customer said August 2015

Great information, great conversations and interesting history. 

Downtown customer said July 2015

It’s a small town with great history. This wonderful tour takes you by the hand on foot to see it at a level that’s great. Under all the activity is an amazing story of a town that came alive. The tour guide knows more than you can take in in one trip.

Downtown customer said April 2014

Great introduction to Boulder! My partner and I were on a weekend trip and didn’t know much about Boulder. We wanted to get to know the place quickly and see some of the sights downtown. This was the absolute best thing we could have done! Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We learned about Boulder’s history, the culture, and the community.

We would absolutely recommend this as one of the first things to do in Boulder!

Downtown customer said April 2014

Lori Hunter you are great! If you are new to Boulder and the surrounding area this is a must. It was very fun and informative. We’ll be back. Thanks

Downtown customer said April 2014

I live here and enjoyed a tour of my hometown. Excellent tour with 10 others and our guide, Lori. Like me, there were 4 other locals on the tour and then folks from out of State. I learned plenty of cool details and facts about my home town. I highly recommend for both visitors and locals to learn about Boulder Colorado.

Customer said Sept 2013

Chautauqua walking tour is amazing!  My son and I took our 2nd walking tour with Lori to the Colorado Chautauqua National Historic Landmark. This beautiful historic spot, at the base of the Flatirons, has been in continuous operation since 1898. It represents a cultural movement in America that emphasized lifelong learning, love of nature, simplicity and the arts. The beautiful site features spacious lawn areas, an excellent restaurant in the Dining Hall, an auditorium for concerts and events, and cottages that can be rented by the day, week or month.

Lori has an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of this place, and some wonderful old photos showing it’s growth from its beginnings. Her bubbling personality made this a fascinating 1 1/2 hour walk through a unique venue. Both this and her downtown Boulder tour are musts for any visitor to Boulder. I would also recommend it for residents who never explore what is in their own back yard!

Customer said Sept 2013:

Exceptional service!  Made accommodation to supply us with a Tour Guide to Chautauqua even though it was not the usual day. Knowledgeable guide, careful to keep us in the shade as it was 97 degrees (yes, a record!) the day we visited.

Downtown customer said Sept 2013:

Good way to learn about a new place!  A friend and I signed up online and were pleasant surprised that we were the only 2 for the walk. That’s a bonus for going a little later in the year. Our guide was friendly and really knew the city of Boulder. She did a great job of pointing out little things that we would have missed. It’s a great way to get oriented to the city.

Customer said Sept 2013:

Boulder Walking Tour’s Chautauqua History tour is great. It isn’t often that you get a history tour given by a professor at Colorado University. The tour was an easy walk through the very historic Chautauqua Conference Center and talked, not only about Boulder and the Conference Center, but also about the importance of the chautauqua movement of the late 1800’s and how it helped shape our country. A must if you are in the Boulder area.

Downtown tour customer said Sept 2013:

Great way to see the city! Just came back from long weekend in Boulder and went on two of the tours sponsored by Boulder Walking tours and I would highly recommend both of them. There were four of us meeting for a family reunion and we chose two tours that would acquaint us with the area (downtown Boulder) and the place we were staying (Chautauqua). Both tours were very informative and Lori was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. It was a wonderful introduction to Boulder. I could not say enough about what a worthwhile experience it was.

Nature Hike customer said August 2013:

Loved the hike!  I am a local and I learned so much about the area that I did not know. Bridget is the best and soooooooooo knowledgeable about everything. Plants, animals, history, and fun too!

Downtown tour customer said August 2013:

The Best of Boulder!  One of the great things about this particular tour organization is the limited group size. No more than 12 people per tour. That makes it personal, easy to hear, and you can ask questions as you go. They offer a number of tours, but this one is the best if you have limited time or if you plan to take just one tour. You get some of everything: history, architecture, colorful characters, great views, tips on things to do and more. Reservations are absolutely required.  I found it easier to call to make reservations than to do it online, as is my custom. I got caught up in the pay pal option and didn’t know if I’d made reservations or not. Turns out I had.  This tour is given in the mornings and occasionally afternoons. If you take a tour in summer, it might be best to go in the morning. Not only is it cooler, but rain showers are frequent on summer afternoons. Do not forget your camera!

Downtown tour customers said August 2013:

Great tours! My family and I did two tours in two days. While on the first–the Best of Downtown Boulder–we were being guided through the river park and I overheard a local on a cell phone derisively tell the person he was speaking to “I wonder how much they wasted on that?” My answers (which I did not verbalize, as I tend to not fight stupidity with stupidity) was “Nothing! It was totally worth the price!” 

It’s understandable that locals would scoff at the idea of taking a tour of their own city, for we all think we know everything there is about where we live. (Having actually taken a tour of two of the city I’ve lived in all my life, I can attest to the fact that nobody knows everything about their own city.) But I came to Boulder knowing very little other than that Mork landed there. So in that regard alone the tours I took were more than worthwhile.

They added flavor to the local color, and showed me places and histories that probably wouldn’t have gotten more than a passing mention on Wikipedia or other online sources. They showed us people and places, and put beliefs, ideas, and actions into context. They gave me a very broad idea of the “philosophy” of Boulder, and introduced me to a city that, had I not taken the tour, would have certainly enjoyed but perhaps not respected.

At the end of the second tour–Chautauqua–I regretted only that I hadn’t the time to take the other tours.

Chautauqua and Downtown tour customers said August 2013:

See Boulder through new eyes!  I did both the Chautuaqua and downtown Boulder walking tours, and enjoyed both immensely. Lori’s enthusiasm, and her broad knowledge of the local history and how it has shaped the Boulder of today, gave me a new appreciation of this special city. I would recommend these walking tours for both locals and visitors alike.

Downtown tour customer said August 2013:

Really worth the price!  If you want to get to know about Boulder, this is the ticket. You learn so much about Boulder in a short walk, it is amazing.

Chautauqua customer said July 2013:

Great tour!  We joined our guide, Kent, for a pleasant hour and a half today up at Chautauqua Park. The walking tour was perfectly paced, interesting and really fun! I highly recommend this activity for anyone visiting Boulder.

Downtown customer said July 2013:

Outstanding tour!  We really needed to get a feel for Boulder. Lori delivered. She effectively shared the history of Boulder. Her enthusiasm and personality made this for a very enjoyable tour. While the tour was a bit under two hours, we never felt rushed and the group was engaged. For walking tour enthusiasts, this is one of the best we have been on.

Downtown customer said July 2013:

A wonderful tour with a wonderful guide! Yesterday I was introduced to Boulder, CO with a wonderful guide (Kent). Being a long time resident he was able to give a perspective about the founding of Boulder, a sense of its culture and history. The tour was supposed to be 1.5 hours but instead of was over 2 hours! He took his time and made it a very relaxing, interesting experience for all of us! Highly recommend!

Downtown customer said July 2013:

A great introduction to Boulder! The tour was at once relaxed, informative, and comprehensive–we got a sense of Boulder’s history and high points but also where and how people live. Ellie was generous with her time and knowledge. And the clincher is that my teenaged son–probably the toughest demographic to please–enjoyed the tour as well!

Downtown customer said June 2013:

Great historical tour with vibrant and fun tour guide! The tour was excellent. The guide (Lori) was very knowledgeable about the area and provided a collection of wonderful stories. The walk was also beautiful. You really get a sense of the founding of the city and how it evolved into the current “green” thriving place that it is. Well worth the time in Boulder. Lori also provides you with a collect of ideas for further viewing and fun.

Downtown customer said June 2013:

Awesome introduction to Boulder! This walking tour was a highlight of my recent trip to Boulder. I must say that I first found the town to be a little bland, but hearing about its history and how it has developed made it seem much more interesting. Lori was amazing…very knowledgeable, cheerful, and personable. Highly recommended!

Downtown customer said June 2013:

Fantastic historical tour–not your average, hokey tourist jaunt! With Lori you get the lovely combination of a brilliant, knowledgeable professor and an energetic, knowledgeable, personable guide. She brings the unusual and progressive history of the town to life. Highly recommended as an activity when your in Boulder!

Downtown customer said June 2013:

Worth your precious time in Boulder! The tour guide has been living in Boulder more than a decade, and more than that, she is very prepared for the tour with pictures, stories, and life experiences in Boulder. The way you see Boulder would definitely change after this tour. Highly recommended!

Downtown customer said June 2013:

What an amazing history!  My son and I have done many walks in San Francisco, and decided to try the Boulder walk as he had recently moved there. The walk was 1 3/4 hours of fascinating history and interesting facts about this charming town. Lori was so effervescent, and eager to share her knowledge of this very unusual city. The founding fathers had a wonderful vision for this city, and it seems that current residents are anxious to keep it people and family friendly, and preserve their beautiful resources and historical buildings. Lori had lots of great pictures to show to accompany her narrative. I would encourage every visitor to Boulder to take this tour. If it wasn’t for the winters, I would love to live here.

Downtown customer said June 2013:

With your precious time in Boulder!  The tour guide has been living in Boulder more than a decade, and more than that, she is very prepared for the tour with pictures, stories, and life experiences in Boulder. The way you see Boulder would definitely change after this tour. Highly recommended!

Downtown customer said June 2013:

Not your average, hokey tourist jaunt!  With Lori you get the lovely combination of a brilliant, knowledgeable professor and an energetic, knowledgeable, personable guide. She brings the unusual and progressive history of the town to life. Highly recommended as an activity when your in Boulder!

Downtown customer said June 2013:

Awesome introduction to Boulder!  This walking tour was a highlight of my recent trip to Boulder. I must say that I first found the town to be a little bland, but hearing about its history and how it has developed made it seem much more interesting. Lori was amazing…very knowledgeable, cheerful, and personable. Highly recommended!

Downtown customer said May 2013:

Great historical tour with vibrant and fun guide!  The tour was excellent. The guide (Lori) was very knowledgeable about the area and provided a collection of wonderful stories. The walk was also beautiful. You really get a sense of the founding of the city and how it evolved into the current “green” thriving place that it is. Well worth the time in Boulder. Lori also provides you with a collect of ideas for further viewing and fun.

Downtown customer said April 2013:

Enhance the experience!  The perfect opportunity to round out your visit to Boulder, or like us immerse yourself in the community where you live. We have now taken our 2nd tour with Boulder Walking Tours and will certainly progress our way through the list of many options. Both the city tour and Chataqua tour have proved to be outstanding. The tour guides are exceptional and come well prepared with picture books to bring the history to life. Colorful tales and intrigue are all woven in a fun and active presentation. The pace was spot on with enough walking to get in a brisk days exercise to go with the new found knowledge. Could not imagine a better pairing for a brilliant weekend day. Highly recommended!”

Downtown customer said April 2013:  

Great overview of town for potential CU student!  We were in Boulder for the Admitted Students day and took this tour to get acquainted with the town. Although the date wasn’t available to book on the calendar, I contacted Lori and she set up a tour for us outside her normal schedule.  My teenage sons were complaining about going a tour “We HATE tours, Mom!”, preferring to explore on their own. But, after the tour they said it was really interesting and they were glad they went. Chalk one up for Mom!  We covered A LOT of ground on the tour, saw a lot of sites and learned a lot of interesting things about the city.   At the end of the tour, Lori gave us a list of local restaurants with her comments.  I highly recommend this to anyone visiting Boulder for the first time, especially potential students of UC Boulder.”

Downtown customer said Dec 2012:

Take this tour!  We had such a fine time taking this tour! It was very informative re: Boulder history, culture past and present, and particular points of interest you’d likely not find on your own. By the time is was over, I was about ready to move to Boulder…or at the very least plan to visit again. Shireen (our guide) was very thorough and provided great possibilities and suggestions about several places to eat, routes to hike, and spots to revisit that we could explore in depth. The communication before the tour was also perfect. And to top it off, we had unbelievable weather for December! Highly recommend this tour – you won’t be disappointed.

Downtown customer said Nov 2012:

Great history walk!  Not only did we learn the fascinating and surprising history of Boulder, but we had a great lunch at one of the tour stops, The Teahouse. Our guide was knowledgeable, articulate, enthusiastic, and very attuned to our groups’ interests. My husband and I had a great time and ended up spending a whole wonderful day in Boulder.

Downtown customer said Sept 2012:

So much fun!  The Downtown Boulder walking tour was a delightful jaunt through the entire history of the downtown area. Our tour guide Shireen showed us amazing pictures of when the area was first being developed while standing in front of what they had become. She was delightfully informative and added to an area that is already fun to visit.

Downtown customer said Sept 2012:

Fun tour with a good vibe!  The tour covered everything architecture, history, culture, commerce, tourism and even added some quirky and little know details. Our guide, Ellie, shared her love of Boulder with good feeling and vibe. Very interesting and worthwhile, highly recommended!

Downtown customer said August 2012:

Well worth the time and money! My husband and I visited Boulder over the weekend and had very little time to wander aimlessly. We picked Boulder Walking tours because the timing was right. Lori was fabulous and giving us a natives view of the downtown with amazing insight on local history. I would recommend this tour for anyone who wants to learn a lot about the area in a short time. Will definitely try the other tours should we return.

Downtown customer said August 2012:

One of our favorite things from our Colorado vacation!  Going off great reviews in Moon Guide Colorado and Trip Advisor we signed up for the Boulder Walking Tour. Lori generously helped us schedule a private tour on a day the regular ones werent offered. She was on time, interesting, organized, accurate, and fun to be around. She exuded a love for Boulder that was so evident. We learned a lot about the city and left with great love and fondness for this quirky town. Thanks Lori!!!!

Downtown customer said August 2012:

Wow!  We learned so many interesting facts!  After living here for 23 years my sister suggested that we take a walking tour of Boulder so I signed us up. We learned so much about our cities roots and early settlers through the engaging stories that Lori told us. She answered and pondered questions with us. She made it fun! Our 13 year old found it interesting too! The time went by fast. By the end of the walk you feel like Lori’s an old friend and you just want to explore more of boulder! Thanks! I’d highly recommend this tour for anyone!

Nature Hike customer said July 2012:

Absolutely worth it! My boyfriend and I took the Boulder Walking tour “Nature Hike” our first trip to Boulder and were absolutely glad we did. Our tour guide, Doug, was incredibly knowledgable about the flora and fauna, the history of Boulder and Chautauqua, edible plants, pine beetles, fire ecology, and more. We all agreed to hike a more challenging route, and took plenty of water breaks when needed, in the shade, to talk and show us some examples of plants. He was very friendly and comfortable for us to be with for 2 hours (it was just me and my boyfriend with us – how nice!) 

Downtown tour customer said July 2012:

Great way to see and learn about Boulder!  On a recent trip to Boulder, my boyfriend and I enjoyed the walking tour entitled “The Best of Downtown Boulder: Pearl Street and Beyond.” Our knowledgable tour guide was adept in showing our tour of five around the city using stories, landmarks, and humor to paint the story of the town. We recommend this tour to all Boulder visitors (or residents even) as a way to get to know the city better.

Downtown tour customer said July 2012:

Boulder’s Best!  Lori really gives an amazing tour. I am from Boulder and have lived here for almost 6 years. I learned sooo much about our 21st century Ourtown. We had some friends in town from California and we all joined into Lori’s wonderful walkabout through Downtown Boulder. I highly recommend this tour. Lori gives a fun, lively and informative walk that lasted about 2 hours. If you have friends and family in town – book this tour !

Downtown tour customer said July 2012:

Fabulous!  Thanks Lori for the fun, informative tour last week! We were treated to the tour while we were visiting our friends who are part-time Boulder residents. They toured with you previously and wanted us to have the same experience. They were right – your tour was filled with great information and all the guest enjoyed you so much! Thanks. For anyone reading – I highly recommend this tour!

Downtown tour customer said July 2012:

Excellent information! I have been traveling to Boulder for 13 years and just took the walking tour. The tour guide was excellent and the information given was informative and interesting. I would highly recommend this tour. 

Chautauqua tour customer said July 2012:

Lori was a fantastic guide on the walking tour of Chautauqua. She provided an in depth picture of Chautauqua past and present through pictures, historical facts and stories. Chautauqua is a relaxing place to visit – there’s even a dining hall and performance center – and yet you are also at the doorstep of the Flatirons and its many trails. I highly recommend a tour with Lori!

Downtown tour customer said June 2012:

Stellar experiences!  I went on the downtown tour yesterday and the Chautauqua tour today. Both were outstanding. The information presented is so interesting and makes me love and appreciate Boulder even more. The pacing was just right, too. I did not feel overwhelmed at all. The historical pictures and dynamic presentation style of each of the tour guides also made the experience even better. I highly recommend these tours to anyone who wants to learn more about this fabulous city.

Downtown tour customer said June 2012:

Had friend visiting for the holiday and went on the walking tour of Downtown Boulder. What a treat! Kent did a fabulous job and we all learned new and fascinating things about Boulder!!

Downtown tour customer said June 2012:

This was exactly what I wanted on my first trip to Boulder, Lori gave us a great opportunity to hear about the history but mixed it in with the spirit of local ownership and foresightedness of the original and current inhabitants. While we stuck to the approximately 2 mile loop that was promised on the tour there were plenty of suggestions on other places to visit and I did that after the tour. What I really loved was that there were Boulder residents on the tour, it was manageable enough with only 6 of us. It was almost 100 degrees but we kept to the shade and time flew. Lori had a great balance of history, architecture, concern about the heat and engaging folks with each other that made her seem like a long time friend…. There is parking available everywhere. The fee is norminal and coming from Chicago a real bargain. I moved the car a block after 3 hours and actually found street free parking . It was a magical day in Boulder and sparked enough interest for me to return.

Downtown tour customer said June 2012

Because it was our first visit to Boulder, we wanted to take a tour that would give us an overview of the city. Lori did a great job providing Boulder history and fun facts. She was very personable and even with the heat (Lori knew all the shady spots!), the tour was a pleasant stroll around the downtown area (just short of two hours). We would highly recommend this tour!

Downtown tour customer said June 2012

Awesome walk!!”  We did the downtown tour. It was a brilliant way to learn about Boulder’s history and the towns buildings. Really enjoyed the narration, pictures from the past and tips for places to visit in the future.

Downtown tour customer said June 2012

Very very cool.  I have lived in Boulder for eleven years, and learned more about our city in two hours than I ever imagined. A definite treat for the locals, their visitors, and all who want to get a handle on why Boulder is so special.

Downtown tour customer said June 2012

“Fantastic walking tour!”  My husband and I took this informative and fun tour of Boulder since we had never visited this town before. We met the tour guide at the Boulderado Hotel. Just so you know, you will need to pay a small fee for parking in this area of Boulder ($1.25 per hour). I think there is a three hour limit for most parking spaces. We used the valet parking at the hotel and we stayed in Boulder for over 8 hours. The tour is very well thought out and Lori is so personable. She educated us on the history of Boulder, the culture, interesting architecture, quirky details and more. She carried a binder which housed pictures that aided her tour. The tour is about two miles but it is an easy walk with stops along the way. Lori would ask if we were doing okay and I appreciated her concern for our comfort. At the end of the tour she gave us recommendations for dining which we used for lunch and made sure we had our bearings to explore the town. I really enjoyed this tour and I think I will start doing this type of tour whenever I visit a new place. I can really see the value and appreciate the knowledge that Lori provided. I hope to bring my adult children to Boulder in the near future and will book this tour again when we do.

Wildflower hike customer said May 2012

We liked it very much! It was a great idea for Mother’s Day, to get us all out and learning more about Boulder. Our families loved it. It was a perfect activity for all our different skill levels and interests. Thanks for putting it together!

Wildflower customer said May 2012

“It was a lovely hike!  … we saw more amazing wildflowers.  Suzanne was a wonderful guide …

David said May 2012:

“How do you build a Paradise? Learn how!”  Boulder, Colorado is one of America’s greatest little cities, but it didn’t happen accidentally. Lori’s charming, insightful and lovely tour of Boulder spells out exactly how the modern-day city came to be. Boulder’s famous ethos of healthy-happy living and forward-thinking politics is the deliberate outcome of pioneer vision, planning and rugged natural beauty. As a new-comer to Boulder, Boulder Walking Tours enhanced my enjoyment of an already highly enjoyable city. Thanks Lori, I loved the tour!

Helen said May 2012:

Every trip to Boulder should start with these two hours!  Boulder Walking Tours is a great way to orientate yourself in Boulder and ensure you make the most out of your trip there; you cover some good ground in two hours, get an idea of the variety of places and activities that Boulder has to offer, and it gets you off the beaten path immediately. Even better though, the tour is informative historically and socially, and Lori is wonderful, enthusiastic and heartfelt guide – you couldn’t ask for better. The restaurant list Lori has put together is amazing too! Highly recommended.

Missi from Montana said May 2012:

Excellent walking tour of downtown Boulder…..more than just Pearl St Mall. Lots of interesting history. Lori the tour guide was very friendly and helpful. Not to be missed!

Walli said May 2012:

Shine or rain!  The Boulder Walking Tour takes place in all kinds of weather. It’s a very nice way of seeing Boulder and learning about it’s history, culture and architecture. I really recommend it to all visitors who come to visit this smart little town. I’ve always found it more interesting to make a tour of a city with a local guide. And Lori kept what the little postcard which I took from the Tourist Office in Pearl Street had promised. I enjoyed the tour very much and thanks for the additional printed information you handed out at the end of the eventful walk. Very useful personal comments!

Terri said April 2012:

Invaluable Tour for Learning About Boulder! We loved our tour! We had been in Boulder for a couple of days and had just been wandering around most of the time so it was great to get some history and other interesting information while hanging out with Kent. Everyone going to Boulder for the first time should start out their time there with your tour! Thanks again!

Alex said April 2012:

“An absolute not-to-miss if you pass by Boulder”.  Boulder is merely magnificent … just take this walking tour and Lori will help you will find out why…

Liz said March 2012:

A Fine Boulder Activity! I accompanied a group of prospective students on a Boulder Walking Tour. The place was new to them but not for me, but tour guide Ellie did a fine job of delivering to all of us. I learned some interesting history. They got a great introduction to Boulder. The part of downtown Boulder covered in this tour is flat, so the walking was easy, even for the sea level folks. I highly recommend these tours to all locals and visitors!

SkyGirl12 said Nov 2011:

The Highlight of the Trip for my Family!  When my family heard “walking tour”, there were moans and groans… until 2 hours later when they returned. The moans and groans had become exclamations of delight: “So interesting! Who knew!” “The very best way to see Boulder!” “Lori was so full of fun, and facts, and interesting information – a gem.” “I can’t believe that was 2 hours, felt like 2 minutes.”

You absolutely, positively must do this tour. You will love it!! Lori is the perfect tour guide, with a warm and engaging, insightful and informative vibe. She cares about what she does and makes sure that everyone is participating in a way that works for them.


Lynne said Nov 2011:

Out of Towners and In-Towners will LOVE this!  I am a Boulder resident who took an out-of-town friend on this tour. Ellie, our tour guide, made every minute an adventure. I learned so much about the town I live in and my Maine-based friend was dazzled. Boulder is a beautiful place, and there is so much that lies beneath the surface. This is the best way to experience it.

ColoradoTravelGirl said Sept 2011:

My husband and I took this walking tour on Saturday as part of a birthday weekend getaway. Although we are Colorado residents, we’ve only been to Boulder a few times. In the past, we mostly just walked around the Pearl Street Mall area. Lori, a sociology professor at the university, put together a highly informative and interesting walking tour of Boulder. Other reviewers have described it well. It was a highlight of our weekend and made me appreciate the community of Boulder and gave me a desire to return again in the near future. I enjoyed learning about the history of the town. Lori was engaging and shared some restaurant recommendations with us at the end of the tour. This tour is reasonably priced and would be great for residents and non residents alike. It would be a fine thing to do with out of town visitors–Give them a real taste of Boulder.

BBondHamilton said August 2011:

Fantastic tour of the city!  We met Ellie in front of the Hotel Boulderado and from that moment on it was a wonderful journey. She didn’t just point out things–she gave us the history behind them –all the while weaving a story of how Boulder became the city it is today. We now have a completely different view of the city. And, she wasn’t constantly looking at her watch–in fact the tour ran well over the time but her enthusiasm just kept her going. I would highly recommend this tour.

IBClark said August 2011:

Great Tour! We visit Boulder every year on vacation, but this tour was really informative and entertaining. We were shown sites and told stories that made this visit to Boulder much more interesting.

ReidLevy said August 2011:

Throughout the tour, Lori was personable and always willing to tell you cool facts about Boulder. It was a hot day and she managed to fi.d several shady spots, which was great for my Grandma. We also got some great exercise walking around as well. I would highly recommend this tour.

CHelms said August 2011:

Leisurely and fun way to learn about Boulder!  My husband and I lived in Boulder at one time and had not visited in many years. We had a convention in Denver and went early to spend a few days in Boulder. On Saturday morning we met at the Boulderado Hotel to start the tour with Ellie. Ellie told stories and history as she led us to see many historical sites, residential areas, Boulder Creek and the wonderful Tea House. Boulder’s unique history and the vision for the community is very interesting to learn about. This is a wonderful way to start a visit to Boulder. Ellie is excellent, fun, & enthusidastic as the guide. The fee is very reasonable. At the end, she gave us listings of restaurants and recommendations. Very helpful!

Bruce003 said July 2011:

Ellie was our guide on this delightful tour and she showed us the ‘Real Boulder’. She is obviously very keen on Boulder and the way of life in the area and this made her enjoyable to listen to. We came away with many ideas of what to do in town that we hadn’t previously considered. The guide made every effort to communicate with everyone on the tour and tried her best to keep us in the shade. We got to see the older neighborhoods of town and to understand how and why the town has developed into the unique city it is. This is a must do if you are going to spend any time in Boulder. Bring your walking shoes and water. Also sunscreen. We took a Saturday AM tour and got to park free in a public garage. Also got to go through the Farmers Market!

DMTennis said June 2011

I loved this tour!  Lori was awesome. My travel group takes tons of walking tours and this one was right at the top. Interesting, lovely, lively..Lori made it fun and was able to answer all the varied questions we had. Cannot believe she does not charge more..way underpriced for the time and information she gave.

Austin665 said May 2011

I wish we had taken this walking tour the first day we were here. Our guide Ellie provided us with a wealth information and gave us more ideas for further exploration of Boulder. We need to come back again to see what we have missed. A really terrific city and really nice people.

Dentalexel said Sept 4, 2010

If you are coming to Boulder, and you should, this is a must do.  We weren’t sure that we were going to make it to Boulder but we had some extra time and decided to spend an hour or two in Boulder to see the city. we took the walking tour of the city with Lori and all I can say is wow. It was such a great tour that at the end of the tour we decided to change our last two days of our trip and stay in Boulder rather than going back to Denver. Our tour was entertaining, enlightening, and all together a great experience. This is one of the best tours of a city that I have taken. It made me want to move to Boulder immediately. Do yourself a favor and take the walking tour.

JingleAcres said Sept 20, 2010

Boulder History – the REAL story:  Boulder Walking Tours is a great way to learn more about Boulder and to get a feeling of where you are in the city and how the city developed. Lori does a spectacular job leading the tour through the downtown area and pointing out various sites. She has photographs that show the way areas looked in the past and why new buildings look the way they do now. She also narrates the vision early settlers had for the area and how those very early ideas have continued and made Boulder the beautiful city it is. A very enjoyable tour. Not too long; easy walking.

Paul said Aug  2010

Walking tour of Boulder not to be missed a great value! We were wrapping up a 3 week tour of the west and were in Boulder for 3 days. What a wonderful place. On our last day we were looking for something to do, so we signed up for Boulder Walking Tours ( . It was $15 per person well spent. Lori, the tour operator, takes people on a 90 minute, approximately mile walk around the downtown area. She has a binder full of pictures that show the way things were way back when, while pointing out what they look like now. The tour starts outside the Hotel Boulderado and finishes at the Pearl Street Mall. Lori does a terrific job and her pleasant demeanor adds to the tour. It was worth every minute of the 90 minutes. Highly recommended.

BeingThereSL said Oct, 2010

A great introduction to Boulder.  Highly recommended for visitors and residents.  Lori does a wonderful tour – one of the best I’ve experienced in a number of cities.

CRogers said Sept 2010

This is a great tour! Lori does a fantastic job giving you a view of Boulder that shows how it became the city it is today. It is an easy walk. Lori brings lots of photographs and stories that add meaning and fun. Even if you were born and raised in Boulder, you would benefit from this tour! Well worth it!! Thanks Lori!

Doug and Diane said Sept 2010:

What a great way this way to delve into the history of Boulder and get a sense of how it evolved into the progressive and beautiful city it is today. LOTS of great pictures and stories – This was time WELL spent with a wonderful tour guide! Thanks again, Lori

Brenda said August 2010:

Wonderful Tour! This is the first place to go on a visit to Boulder. It helps to learn about all the great things to do, see and restaurants to enjoy while your experiencing the “Beauty of Boulder” and learning about its historical roots.

Paul and Lynne said August 2010:

Lori, your tour was a wonderful ending to our wonderful 3 week trip to the west. If we come back to Boulder, we’ll do the tour again just to hear your infectious laugh! Thanks again for making a great stay that much better.

Janet said July 2010

Whenever possible, I take walking tours but this was the best tour I’ve ever encountered. Lori is funny, well-informed, and thoughtful. She brought Boulder to life!

Polly said June 2010

Your tour of Downtown Boulder was awesome. You were very knowledgeable and well prepared for the tour. Many hours must have been spent on research of downtown Boulder. Your personality and the way you interacted with others was outstanding. I have recommended your tour to many people already.” 🙂

From Nederland, Colorado said June 2010:

My friend was visiting from out of state and we decided to take the Boulder Walking Tour. Even though I have lived in the Boulder area for 5 years, I found the tour extremely informative, as well as fun! I would definitely recommend this to visitors, as well as locals. Thanks again!

From Pennsylvania said June 2010:

Thanks for the tour — it was a great combination of history, architecture, culture, and humor!

Long-time Boulderite said May 2010:

Our tour was wonderful; I especially liked learning about Boulder’s early history as a mining town. It was also fun to see Mork and Mindy’s house. Our tour guide Lori provided the perfect blend of historical information balanced with engaging personal stories. This is a thumbs up tour. I’d love to see the walking tours expand to include Boulder’s hiking trails too.